About Kahunas

Big Kahunas Restaurants are different from any other food service on the North/East Coast. We are a multifaceted company that represents unity in a time when communities have been separated through political beliefs. Our restaurants are able to service ALL PEOPLE regardless of their cultural, political, or dietary needs. Vegans, vegetarians, paleo, BBQ meat lovers, etc...
At Big Kahunas we are all about family, creativity, love, honor, and respect.
We look forward to working with you!


Big Kahunas Restaurants are like nothing else found in New England!

"My love is art and design, but my passion is being in the kitchen preparing, and hosting a variety of venues. We bring an immense amount of energy directed towards our food, planning, and execution." -Amanda owner of Kahunas Catering.

New Hampshire's Best Catering Service Is Proud To Be Different…

"We are of the island people, here on the American continents and in various places throughout the world. Cooking and hosting is our way to respect, honor, and celebrate our ancestors. Nothing makes our family feel more honored than to know that we carry on their legacy of offering the best food possible and creating events that are not to be forgotten. We are forever with one eye on the past and the other on the future." -The Big Kahuna

Meet our Head Chef, Pieter "A Man of the Kitchen"

"I am a man full of love, I get to work with my daughter and son-in-law always learning, always creating, and always full of pride, I am Pieter "A Man of The Kitchen" …

When Pieter was a boy he lived on the once remote Island of Java; at the age of nine he was trained by his uncles to hunt and track wild boar in the jungle. When the village celebrated a successful hunt, Pieter had to tend to the cooking Boar, prepare food and report to the elders about progress. Those days were difficult but simple; their little village was a tight community where they had to hunt and gather in order to survive. Regardless of the struggles many families endured everyone looked after each other.

The skills he learned in his youth were how he managed to survive in foreign lands and later become "A Man of The Kitchen". When Pieter became a teenager the world was calling him, with no thought of consequences he jumped on a cargo ship with only the desire to have an adventure. His transition from boy to man happened on the seven seas; he worked his way onto an elite cruise ship. He started as a Dining Room Steward and eventually worked his way into the kitchen. He was mentored by a variety of European chefs spending many evenings discussing food and experimenting with flavors of his homeland and theirs. Cooking for Pieter was much more than providing food service, it was his way to stay connected with his village back home.

Pieter's adventures at sea ended in the early 70's when he came to the United States with the American Dream. He has been fortunate in this life and is grateful to God for all of his opportunities. Pieter traveled the world learning to create delicious cuisines and has been able to share this gift with his daughter Amanda, the owner of Big Kahunas Catering. Pieter raised her in the kitchen, her talent is endless, she is now his teacher, and he is forever hers.

The Big Kahuna